About Musication

Musication provides music camps and lessons to children ages 2 and up, in which students learn about music through hands on instrument playing, listening, singing, and exploring.

Founded in 2007 by children’s music educator and performer, Jeremy Zmuda, Muscation was created to offer engaging and creative music programs for children. Realizing that every child is born with their own uni que musical awareness and creativity, Jeremy set out to create a program that helps foster every child’s musical journey and exploration. As a Music Education graduate of the prestigious, Berklee College of Music, Jeremy has had over 15 years of experience in and out of the classroom bringing his special brand of music education to thousands of children. As an accomplished children’s music writer and performer, Jeremy has won numerous awards including, A Parents Choice Award, John Lennon Songwriting Award, and Kid’s Music Award. Over the years Jeremy has also directed a non-profit which brought music classes to children in crisis, helped developed music curriculum for NYC school dept, toured the country performing songs for children, not to mention teaching thousands of music classes and lessons.

Musication’s unique music camps give children the opportunity to explore music through singing, dancing, concert listening, instrument playing, instrument craft making, cultural exploration, and performing. Musication’s Music Camps have been widely regarded in the community as one of the best music camps for children, through it’s unique combination of both passive and active music exploration.
Musication’s lessons program has brought one-on-one music lessons to children and families of the greater NYC area for almost 10 years. By finding the right balance between work and play while studying an instrument, Musication’s music lessons program has helped give children the opportunity to explore and grow on their instrument.

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