The Best Keyboards to Learn Piano When You Don’t Have A Piano

We understand that not everyone has the space in their NYC apartment for a piano. In fact, one of the most asked questions we receive from parents is about our recommendations for quality keyboards for their children to begin piano lessons. Below, we have assembled our favorite starter keyboards in a variety of price ranges. We hope this will help you help your little one get started down the path of musicianship. For more info on any of the products below just click the name or the photograph.


 This keyboard from Yamaha is our top pick for beginning students considering price and features. It has “touch sensitive” keys, which make it closer to a piano as far as getting loud/soft sounds out of it depending on how hard you press the keys. It also includes a stand, power supply, and headphones. This is a great choice for those just starting out and are looking for an affordable beginning instrument package.


Yamaha keyboards are always top of the line. Here’s another great starter package that has “touch sensitive”keys, as well as a stand and keyboard. This model has a little bit more of the “bells & whistles” on it as far as the different sounds it can make, drum beats, song library, etc… In other words, this keyboard has more buttons on it! Not always a good thing though, as lots of buttons can sometimes be a distraction, but can also be fun for students to explore. This is a great choice for those just starting out and are looking for an affordable beginning instrument package.


3. Yamaha P71 88-Key
One of our top pics as far as a keyboard that can emulate and feel like a real piano. This Yamaha has “weighted” keys, so the keys are not only “touch sensitive” but also have the actual feel of pressing down a note on a piano. This keyboard is not only great for beginners to start off on, but is the next level for students looking for a more genuine piano feel, while note having to invest lots of money.


 Best sound and feel all around. This Yamaha digital piano is our top pick for those looking for a keyboard that has the touch, feel, sound, and look of a piano. The deluxe bundle comes with a bench and deluxe stand.


 It’s always important to have an adjustable bench for your keyboard
 Quality sustain pedal that works with most keyboards.
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