Communicating Beyond the Disease: Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

According to the National Institute on Aging, Alzheimer’s is currently ranked as the sixth leading cause of death in the US, although some studies suggest it may even come in third. The Centers for Disease Control ranked Parkinson’s the fourteenth cause of death. And dementia more broadly and other neuro-degenerative diseases affect more than 4.5 million people […]

The Universal Language of Humankind: The Importance of Music in Society

Daniel Levitin, author of This is Your Brain on Music, declares that music is woven into the fabric of society, and that any time humans come together for any reason, music is there. “Understanding why we like music and what draws us to it,” he writes, “is therefore a window on the essence of human nature…” In […]

Music as Panacea: Music Therapy’s Myriad Applications & Benefits

As many of our other blog posts have shown, there is something truly magical about music: whether you are creating it, listening to it, dancing to it or simply playing it in the background while you’re doing other things, music activates your brain, forcing you to focus, make connections, let go of stress, regulate your […]

Music & Math

music and math

Have you ever noticed that many great musicians or composers are also mathematically inclined–and vice versa? Leonardo DaVinci, Albert Einstein, Herbie Hancock, Johann Sebastian Bach, John Coltrane. At first, music and math might seem like the two farthest disciplines from each other: in math, there is one right answer and not much of the human […]

When Words Fail: Music Education for Children With Special Needs

When Words Fail: Music Education for Children With Special Needs

Have you ever heard Joni Mitchell warble on your record player and felt deeply understood? Have you ever listened to an aching cello fill a recital hall with Bach and realized fundamental truths about the world? Have you ever sat at a piano and been able to say things with your fingers moving deftly over the keys that […]

Your Brain on Music

your brain on music

Music is the great equalizing art form: many people find visual art opaque, get bored by live theater, don’t watch movies anymore, and with the Kardashians franchise taking over, it’s hard to call a lot of TV “artistic.” But everyone listens to music. From babies and toddlers singing along to Raffi’s “Baby Beluga,” to your eighty-year-old […]

We Made The List of Top 25 Children’s Music Blogs

Summer Musication Camp, Spring Piano Lessons + Top 25 Children's Music Blogs

We were super excited to find out that we made Feedspot’s list of Top 25 Children’s Music Blogs. The list was compiled of blogs who are “actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information” we are proud to share the company of some pretty awesome children’s music education […]