Interview With Jazz Vocalist, Kurt Elling

Kurt Elling

This week in our Artist Interview series, we have the pleasure of talking to Kurt Elling. Kurt is a Jazz vocalist, composer, lyricist and vocalese performer. He has been nominated for ten Grammy Awards, winning Best Vocal Jazz Album for Dedicated to You (2009). He has an impressive discography of 12 solo albums and has performed […]

Interview With Musician, Writer and Producer, Ben Sidran

Ben Sidran

It is the second week of our Artist Interview Series and we are talking to Musician, Writer and Producer,  Ben Sidran. Ben Sidran has been a major force in the modern day history of jazz and rock & roll having played keyboards with or produced such artists as Steve Miller, Mose Allison, Diana Ross, Boz […]

Interview with “Captain” Kirk Douglas from The Roots

"Captain" Kirk Douglas

This week we begin our artist interview series where we will explore the role music education plays in the lives of musicians, artists and other successful people over the next 6 weeks.  First up in our series is “Captain” Kirk Douglas . Kirk is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist best known for playing with The Roots. […]

Buying A Used Piano – The Do’s and Don’ts

buying a used piano - do's and don'ts

We’re often asked by people who are about to buy a used piano; “How do I know it’s good?”, “Can I get a hand truck and a couple guys to move it?”, “It’s free, from Craigslist, should I get it?”.  These are all good questions and some have straightforward answers while others are a bit […]

Introducing Our Artists & Professionals Interview Series

Captain Kirk Douglas of The Roots (Photo by David Brendan Hall)

We’re excited to announce our upcoming series of interviews with artists, musicians and other successful professionals who play and have a deep relationship with music. In our last blog post we talked about how music played an important role in the lives of people like Albert Einstein and Neil Armstrong. Einstein used to go to […]

You Don’t Have To Be Einstein To Play An Instrument, Although He Did

For Albert Einstein, playing the piano and violin helped him relax, focus, and get back to his work. Einstein’s wife, Elsa once remarked, “I fell in love with Albert because he played Mozart so beautifully on the violin. He also plays the piano. Music helps him when he is thinking about his theories. He goes […]

The Best Keyboards to Learn Piano When You Don’t Have A Piano

We understand that not everyone has the space in their NYC apartment for a piano. In fact, one of the most asked questions we receive from parents is about our recommendations for quality keyboards for their children to begin piano lessons. Below, we have assembled our favorite starter keyboards in a variety of price ranges. […]