Building Pride and Confidence Through Music

Musication just wrapped up it’s end of the year music recitals which included over 80 students performing for family members, teachers, and friends. We saw our students beaming with pride and self confidence in not only their actual performance, but also with the practice and work they put into learning their pieces. We had 4 […]

A Parent + Child Introduction To Jazz

So you want your kid to be a Jazz aficionado but you know nothing about Jazz yourself? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This week we present you with three great picture books about Jazz legends to introduce your child to Jazz AND we have also included CD recommendations for grownups wanting to familiarize themselves […]

Our Musical Gift Picks for Kids

As the Holidays approach, we would love to share some of our favorite musical gift picks for kids. All of the books and cd’s below pack a tremendous amount of musical knowledge into a format so fun that your kids won’t even realize that they are learning – which is a lot like Musication! 1 […]

Practicing, Playing & How To Get The Most Out Of Your Child’s Lessons

practicing piano

PRACTICING- Even if your child is a 3 year old beginner, it’s important to encourage practicing/playing at home. Of course this will not happen overnight, it may very well take months to establish a good practice routine where your child is comfortable playing/practicing at home. It’s best to try and encourage your child to practice/play […]

Why Music Should Be an Essential Part of Your Child’s Education

music education

Did you know that music ignites and benefits all parts of a child’s developing brain? From social/emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy, exposing music to children during early development has been proven to help young minds grow. More and more, researchers are discovering that music education has a much larger impact on our children’s futures […]

During Week One of Music Camp we Found Sound!

Last week was our first week of the summer session of Musication Camp.  Our theme was “Found Sound” and we explored sounds, learned about strange instruments, made music out of everyday objects, recorded our own sounds and music, and learned what instruments are made of and where they come from. We had a very special […]