Building Pride and Confidence Through Music

Musication just wrapped up it’s end of the year music recitals which included over 80 students performing for family members, teachers, and friends. We saw our students beaming with pride and self confidence in not only their actual performance, but also with the practice and work they put into learning their pieces. We had 4 year olds playing “Twinkle Twinkle”, 13 year olds playing Chopin, and everything in between. No matter what song they played, they all had the same thing in common, the courage and confidence to go up in front of an audience and perform. We know that music helps benefit young minds through developing motor skills, language/reasoning skills, memorization, emotional development, builds imagination and intellectual curiosity, and many other important skills. Adding to all these very important benefits is the act of actually performing their songs in front of people.

Through performing, children become appreciators of each other’s work, and become self reflective in the effort to bring their music and songs to fruition. Music and the arts is a great way to level the “playing field”, by recognizing that we are all in this together. Children get to feel a real sense of accomplishment when seeing the fruits of their labor through playing, creating, practicing, and finally performing. By taking part in performing or even just playing an instrument, this also helps to introduce your children to new people and new experiences. Arts based opportunities whether it’s playing and instrument or theater class is vital to help build children’s self esteem. Find ways to help encourage and nurture your child’s creative “bone” through music lessons, performances, classes, and other ways to help them grow.