DIY Instrument Making-“Rainsticks”

Looking for a fun filled music and craft activity to do with your kiddos! Well, how about making instruments with them!? This week we are making Rainsticks. Here’s how.


  1. Used paper towel roll tube or any long cardboard tube.
  2. Tape, scissors, glue, crayons, markers, stickers, paint, glitter, paper/tissue paper. (You don’t need all the decorating materials, choose any combination of crayons, markers, stickers, paint, glitter, etc…)
  3. Dried rice, beans, beads, or any other small and hard object.


Step 1: Decorate your rainstick- time to get out the crayons, markers, stickers, paint, glue, papper tissue, and any other things you have to decorate the outside of the cardboard tube.

Step 2: Cover one hole with paper and tape- take a small piece of paper and carefully tape it down on one of the holes, make sure to seal it tight with tape!

Step 3: Fill your rainstick: take your dried beans, rice, or small beads and drop them inside the uncovered side of the tube. Make sure to not fill up too much, no more then 1/4 of tube should be filled!

Step 4: Close up the other hole: now it’s time to close up and seal your rainstick, take another peice of small paper and gently and carefully place it over the remaining open hole. Make sure to seal it tight with tape.

Step 5: Play your rainstick! Your rainstick is now done, you can hear the sound of the rain by slowly tilting it back and forth to let the obects inside roll back and forth. You can also shake your rain stick to get more of a “shaker/maraca” kind of sound. ​