Introducing Our Artists & Professionals Interview Series

Captain Kirk Douglas of The Roots (Photo by David Brendan Hall)

We’re excited to announce our upcoming series of interviews with artists, musicians and other successful professionals who play and have a deep relationship with music. In our last blog post we talked about how music played an important role in the lives of people like Albert Einstein and Neil Armstrong. Einstein used to go to his instruments to help re-focus his mind while working on his theories. Obviously not everyone is an Einstein but we all have endless potential and learning an instrument can help us all tap into that potential.

We are going to showcase how studying music affects people’s lives, their careers, their minds, their hearts, their relationships, and how music has had a positive impact on them. We are going to interview successful musicians such as: Kirk Douglas, (guitar player from The Roots), Ben Sidran, (piano player/singer/writer), Kurt Elling, (vocalist) and many others. We’re also going to interview other successful non-musician professionals including award winning directors, actors, writers, scientists and more. There’s so much more to playing an instrument than just making music; it helps children (and adults) in so many ways including stimulating the brain, motor skill development, building concentration… the list goes on and on!

Our first series of interviews will start at the end of this month and we will publish a new interview every week for 6 weeks. We’re looking forward to sharing our interviews with all of you and learn how music has had a profound influence on the lives of our interviewees. Stay tuned and be sure to join our mailing list so you won’t miss out on this fun and informative series.