Musication In Your School

Our piano and voice lesson program has had great success in many New York based schools. We offer private/one-on-one piano lessons to children ages 3 and up. Here are the highlights of our program.

  • There’s no cost at all to the school for this program, actually the school makes money from the program as we offer a profit-sharing model for the lessons.

  • There’s very minimal administrative work for the school as far as the lessons are concerned.

  • Musication handles all the registration, scheduling, and payments.

  • Lessons are taught by our staff of highly trained piano and voice teachers.

  • Students and families get easy access to one-on-one music lessons, and can reap all the benefits of studying an instrument which can help develop social/emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy.

  • No need for the school to have a piano, we will provide a keyboard that can be stowed easily.