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Musication and Jeremy Plays Guitar

Jeremy Plays Guitar, makes music that is not only educational, it ROCKS!  Recognizing that kids naturally and organically learn through music,  Jeremy Plays Guitar reinforces language development and social skills training  through catchy, fun music for kids. Their music has been heralded by CNN, Daily Candy, and People Magazine, and has won multiple awards including a Kids Music Award, Parent’s Choice Award, and NAPPA Award.

Use your Words.

music gifts for kids

Songs In The Key Of New York



Listen to a couple songs below and purchase CDs or click on the iTunes link. Your kids will be so mad if you don’t!

NICKELODEON PARENTS CONNECT –-Awesome educational “language-based music”.

DAILY CANDY– Best Kid’s Music – If you like radio friendly rock, you’ll like Jeremy Plays Guitar

PEOPLE MAGAZINE – Best Kids Gifts – A catchy album that promotes language arts? Sign us up!

music gifts for kids

Use Your Words – Jeremy Plays Guitar’s groundbreaking debut album Use Your Words, helping give children tools to communicate through ‘language-based music’. The educational content of Use Your Words is enhanced by smart musicianship and catchy melodies sure to capture the attention of kids and adults alike! Best kid’s music of 2010 by Daily Candy!


Songs in the Key of New York- Jeremy’s first EP which features the amazing Clare Muldaur Manchon (Clare & The Reasons), takes you all through NYC, from the subways to the 5 boroughs, to learning about all the bridges and tunnels.



Rock-ucation – Follow up album to award-winning Use Your Words; New EP features a sample from Rock-ucation Classes, secretly teaching kids language and social skills through music