Awesome Musical Instrument Crafts You Can Make at Home

At Musication we are always on the lookout for fun musical instrument crafts to add to our daily craft session time at Musication Camp. We like to choose crafts that support our musical theme for the day while inspiring kids to make music with everyday objects. With the weather getting colder, we thought we would share some of our recent finds with you to help fill in those cold and damp afternoons. Check out our round up below and if you are feeling inspired, click the links to learn how to make them!


We think these Mini Lid Banjos from the Craft Train are fantastic a project to whip up with your kids and we love any project that involves recycling!

Next, we have these awesome Finger Symbols from Kiwi Crate! Your kids will love them and they are a great tool to support fine motor skills and rhythmic development in your little one.

These Wrapped Sticks With Bells from Plenty of Paprika are not only beautiful, but they would make a pretty solid addition to any rhythm section.  Also, since this one doesn’t require waiting for glue to dry, your kids can start their own “jingle bell band” right away.

We love how this simple rattle drum craft project from La Maison De LouLou reminds us of the Den-Den Daiko drum from Japan.

We can’t wait to try Pie Pan Tambourine from Cakies because it looks like it will have an excellent sound and we know the kids will love being able to customize the look.

Finally, this tambourine stick from Oh Rubbish Blog involves a bit more skill but we think kids will have a great time searching for the perfect stick to craft into their own instrument.

That’s all for now. We hope we have inspired you to get crafting and make some music with your little ones and if you do, we want to see your photos! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram.