Why Music Should Be an Essential Part of Your Child’s Education

music education

Did you know that music ignites and benefits all parts of a child’s developing brain? From social/emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy, exposing music to children during early development has been proven to help young minds grow.

More and more, researchers are discovering that music education has a much larger impact on our children’s futures than was previously recognized. As a result, in 2015 New York City schools saw a boost to the arts when Mayor Bill De blasio committed $23 million to arts education. While we have a long way to go in order for music to be given the emphasis it deserves in the curriculum of our youngest, we are happy to see so many recent articles supporting the importance of music education. We have rounded up 4 of our favorites below.

1 ) We love this article by Bill Zukerman outlining  10 Compelling Studies Favoring Greater Support for K-12 music education. He sites some really fantastic studies which link music education to stronger social skills, superior reading ability and even greater likelihood of graduation!

2 ) This article by Laura Lewis Brown for PBS.org sites The Benifits of Music Education  such as increased IQ and better spacial temporal skills.

3 ) The National Association of Music Education has a great list of 20 Important Benefits of Music in Our Schools like mastering memorization and fostering a sense of achievement.

4 ) Jill Suttie’s piece about Four Ways Music Strengthens Social Bonds is a great read. The link between music and oxytocin production particularly interesting.

We hope these will inspire you to carve out more time for music in lives of your children and if you feel the need to increase the amount of music education in your child’s life, we hope you will consider Musication’s private piano lessons. Our Fall semester starts next week but we still have some space available. Click here for more info.