Looking for some music entertainment for your child’s birthday party or other special event? We now offer music performances and concerts for parties! Here’s what we can offer your party.

Sing-a-long Concert Package

  • 30-45min fun filled interactive performance.
  • Concert sing-a-long with lots of moving, dancing, and singing a long!
  • Includes instruments for all the children to play.
  • Prices start at $175, depending on length and location.
jeremy_plays_guitar kids concert

Birthday Party Add Ons

Looking for more then just a concert? You can add on to your birthday package to make it an awesomely fun filled music experience!

Custom printed CDs– Looking for a party favor for everyone?

We’ll custom print CDs for everyone child in your party. We can your child’s name, a picture, or any other image or text you want printed on the CD. The CD will include up to 5 original, award winning children’s songs of ours.

Cost: $5 per CD, minimum of 10 CDs

Instrument Craft Making– Want more fun filled activities for all those sugared up party goers? We’ll bring an instrument making craft activity to your party. We can make drums, shakers, tambourines, maracas, guitars, and more!! Craft making lasts for about 30mins.

Cost: Prices start at $15 per child, minimum 10 children.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]To book a party or for more questions email or call us: 347-913-3154