Why The Piano Is A Good First Instrument

Choosing an instrument for your child to play is an important step in making sure their love and enthusiasm for music continues to grow. For children ages 6 and under, starting out on a piano/keyboard is usually the best idea. Every instrument has its challenges and its own learning curve. One advantage of starting lessons on the piano/keyboard is that the sound production and being able to play a simple song is so very immediate. Other instruments such as the violin and guitar take much longer to actually get a correct sound from them as they first need to learn how to control the actual pitch of a note. Not to say that children can’t start those instruments at a young age, but it will take a lot longer to be able to produce a good sound/note and then, learn to play an actual song. 

An actual piano is way too big for our home, you say?! No need to have to invest in the cost and space for an acoustic piano. There are many great choices for keyboards that are both cost effective and space efficient. If your child continues to grow, learn, and continue a love for the instrument, you can approach the idea of getting an actual piano in your home. 

The bottom line is that whatever instrument you and your child decide to learn, finding the right balance between practice, play, fun, exploration, creativity, discipline, and the right teacher is so very important.