Recycled Musical Instruments

recycled instrument craft projects

April is almost here which is Earth Month and here at Musication we like to celebrate Earth Month by making awesome musical instruments out of what other people might call trash. Check out this fantastic list of recycled instrument crafts below and then go grab your recycling bin and get busy crafting with your little ones. Oh and if crafting is just not your thing, then send your little one to Spring Break Musication Camp. We’ll be whipping up fun, musical crafts every day.

  1. Shoe Box Guitar – This shoe box guitar from Real Simple is soooo much better than that air guitar your kid has been playing.
  2. Maracas Made from Recycled Easter Eggs  Hippity, Hoppity, it’s almost that time of year. Once the candy is gone, put those eggs to good use with this project from Apartment Therapy.
  3. Popsicle Stick Harmonicas  – This harmonica project from Make It Love It is so cool and the design possibilities are endless.
  4. Bobby Pin Thumb Piano – Piikea Street’s bobby pin thumb piano can be put together in a couple of minutes and may seem simple but we think kids will really enjoy “tuning” these instruments.
  5. Water Bottle Maracas  – Anyone with kids has made a shaker out of a water bottle at some point but we love the addition of the toilet paper roll on this project from Today’sParent to make it feel like a proper set of maracas.
  6. Toilet Paper Roll Kazoo  – You probably already have everything you need to make this Kazoo from Kix. Why not make a few and starts a Kazoo band?

We would love to see your work, follow us on instagram and tag you photo with #musication. Happy Crafting!