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“That’s a Talent I Have!”: Music & Self-Esteem

While we can’t yet say with confidence that the COVID-19 pandemic is over, we can breathe a small sigh of relief as variant-specific booster shots are widely available for people of most ages, and kids have safely returned to school and extracurricular activities. But what about the toll this global crisis has taken on our […]

Get Up & Dance: Music & Movement

There are so many things to think about (read: worry about?!) with young kids: Language development, social and emotional intelligence, executive functioning, creative abilities and freedom of expression—the list goes on. Gross and fine motor skills are one of these super important developmental markers, and they start kicking in right away: from a baby lifting […]

The Necessity of Music for Kids Today

By now, it’s pretty much common knowledge that music has numerous benefits on child development: From language and motor skills to executive functioning, math aptitude, literacy, and focus, music is an incredible brain enhancer for kids (and adults!). But beyond IQ-boosting, music is also an important source of stress-relief and self-expression; music can be an […]

The Benefits of Music on Newborns

In our first post in the “Benefits of Music” series, we focused on the benefits of music on babies still in the womb. In that article, we pointed to research that shows that exposure to music in the womb can enhance auditory processing, spatial learning, and even set the stage for language acquisition. And these […]