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Buying A Used Piano – The Do’s and Don’ts

buying a used piano - do's and don'ts

We’re often asked by people who are about to buy a used piano; “How do I know it’s good?”, “Can I get a hand truck and a couple guys to move it?”, “It’s free, from Craigslist, should I get it?”.  These are all good questions and some have straightforward answers while others are a bit […]

The Best Keyboards to Learn Piano When You Don’t Have A Piano

We understand that not everyone has the space in their NYC apartment for a piano. In fact, one of the most asked questions we receive from parents is about our recommendations for quality keyboards for their children to begin piano lessons. Below, we have assembled our favorite starter keyboards in a variety of price ranges. […]

Building Pride and Confidence Through Music

Musication just wrapped up it’s end of the year music recitals which included over 80 students performing for family members, teachers, and friends. We saw our students beaming with pride and self confidence in not only their actual performance, but also with the practice and work they put into learning their pieces. We had 4 […]